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Black Excellence.

come through, little black british brotha. come through.

Senior pictures: dry scalp or the lighting? Or both????????

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Charcoal natural hair self-portrait  : : submission : :

18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W
I’m about to read “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison, and I want to blog my feelings so I’ll use this to start my lit tag

omfg i let my 9 year old cousin use my laptop and now look at my history

I might as well embrace and enjoy being late for things, because after I graduate and get my own car, I will never be late for anything ever again.

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yes, that is britney spears, (who has sold more than 200 Million records, has six #1 albums, 2 diamond albums, has more than 400 awards, and is worth 200 million dollars) waiting in line to be served at starbucks wearing pyjamas

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a kid at hogwarts who just wants to get a proper education but can’t focus because of all of the shit harry potter and his friends keep getting themselves into

Jenna B. Lacey, age eleven, knew exactly what she was going to do with her life.

She was…

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I wanted to do a lot of things and organize assemblies and things this year but now I’m like…….nah

There’s too much going on in my life to try and enlighten an entire school in sj. Plus, I’m not even well read like that, I don’t have the full story. I can throw the ideas around but other than that I’m probably going to just leave the idea for other people to work on while I work on being happy girl

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